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One Flow Virtual Yoga

One flow yoga is practiced by stringing postures together so you move from one to the next seamlessly using breath. It is inclusive for all levels of yogis. We each experience challenges that we bring to the mat. Vinyasa Flow offers variations for many poses and sequencing variation for multiple levels of experience. Flexibility and strengthening are our goals. Breath keeps us present in our practice. Vinyasa Flow is branched off of Hatha Yoga bringing in a more powerful and quicker flow to get us going for the day.
This video is for people who have physical challenges or limitations. We simply begin by getting on the mat to explore what we can do. Bob Marley said it best. “You have to start somewhere.”
This routine allows you to move through the practice, take breaks, or even pick poses you feel you can do and just start there.
This is a pre-level 1 class that offers preparations for the poses as well as allowing those who are just new to yoga to explore a routine.
Price: FREE
Class Length: 1 hour


Some of Our Offerings

Are you ready to dive deep into your fears and begin the shadow work that will lay the foundation for manifesting joy, abundance and mojo? Are you looking for something deeper, something more meaningful as you continue to explore your inner work? Have you often felt called to the elements, especially water, and found yourself connecting to the healing qualities of nature? Wild Spirit Wave has the support you’re seeking to walk with you on your journey.

Note: None of our offerings are intended to be a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment. This is for spiritual healing and support counseling – if you are in need of professional mental health treatment, we encourage you to seek out practitioners in your area.


Wild Spirit Wave may be the support you are seeking to walk with you on your journey.

Wild Spirit Wave, LLC is a wellness and transformational growth focused business that offers workshops, retreats, group and 1-to-1 consultations. We believe in an integrative approach that is uniquely designed based on the needs of the client. We collaborate with you to help you heal yourself. We bring with us a wealth of experience in the realms of trauma processing and recovery, shamanic practice, meditation and spiritual embodiment work, astrological guidance, mental health counseling, sexual wellness counseling, and yoga instruction.


Upcoming Events

Awareness – Consent – Presence
Sacred Sexual Awakening and Healing 2-Day Workshop



A must-read book to embrace your wild nature
and let your light shine

This book was born on a morning when I began to release blame and guilt, both of myself and of others. In this moment, I acknowledged that I was 100% in charge of my own life and future. Realizing that it was in my power to release these negative emotions, was the moment I first birthed this book. When I sat writing this, a gecko was crawling on my foot. It was eating the mosquitoes that were feeding on my blood as I wrote this book. I was in the universal flow. It’s from that place of deep love and connection that I dedicate this book to all women who share in what I call ‘crazy’ experiences. And to all those who search for a way to move forward into acting and living with consciousness, integrating our crazy and embracing our inner wild woman.


Enjoy the best
  for your body and for your prayers

Because your body is important. These soaps work with the chakras to bring about a clean aura and the manifestation of your prayers.

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