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Patricia Rockwood, MA

Patricia has long been a practitioner of the shamanic arts, the oldest form of spirituality known to humankind. Her first memory of practicing this form of medicine was when she was five years old after experiencing trauma. She has a special interest in the medicine people of the Americas due to receiving spontaneous healings from various sources related to spiritual practices. This led her to a deep love of the natural world so she obtained her BA in Human Geography, the study of how humans affect the environment, from the University of Hawaii Manoa. Later she completed her MA in Transformational Psychology through Atlantic University with a special focus on healing through the natural environment coupled with the constellation work, a form of Gestalt Therapy, developed by Bert Hellinger.
Patricia has just completed her first book.  Crazy Woman has Left the House Wild Woman is home.  Please see Offering and click on Books for a description.  This has been a labor of love written for women or people who identify and who have experienced sexual trauma to release Crazy and embrace Wild with particular attention to working with the healing properties of the elements through shamanic practices.
Patricia lives in the Caribbean where she offers a variety of teachings, workshops and retreats that include the amazing sea. She is also a meditation teacher, humanistic (psychological) astrologer, and a yoga instructor. 
Patricia has begun working on her second book about healing in Peru through plant medicine as it pertains to PTSD.  Retreats are being offered to Peru in March and September of 2022. And beyond. Please see Upcoming Events for videos about Peru.