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Wild Woman is Home


A must-read book to embrace your wild nature
and let your light shine

In Patricia´s Crazy Woman Has Left The House – Wild woman is home.

Learn how trauma and depression can lead to spiritual awakening.  

How does trauma affect you? What are soul wounds, and how can they offer different perspectives on trauma, depression, and psychosis? How can you hold on to “mojo” despite wounds or remain vulnerable while achieving healthy relationships? In Crazy Woman Has Left The House – Wild Woman Is Home, author Patricia C. Rockwood explains all this and more in terms that are intelligent and easy to grasp.

Inside, you’ll discover: 

  • How to identify triggers before we have an adverse reaction to them
  • How to work with original soul wounds
  • Different perspectives on trauma, pain, depression, and psychosis
  • How to connect to yourself through nature, your energy centers, and your mojo
  • Rituals and Practices from Peak to Every Day

This book explains, to women of all ages, who crazy is, why she is here and where she comes from related to trauma. It describes the journey of trauma. Its lasting effects on the body, mind, and spirit. And how to forge your path to healing.

chapter seven